Ride Report: East London brewery ride 17 June 17

‘Very hot’ is an understatement of Saturday’s brewery  ride!

But great fun –we visited 18 breweries & indicated where another 4 were and made 4 stops for welcome refreshments (5 for those who made it to end!)

Route was off road when possible or on quiet roads and canal towpaths -except for a busy bit in Hackney (where I added some unintentional diversions!) -we even took in a couple of busy markets -Broadway & Ridley road!

after the blazing sun and lack of shade at the Bevertown brewery we all welcomed the chilled breweries in Walthamstow (Pillars & Wild card) as well as the amazing ‘gods own junkyard’ -always worth a visit!

A few hardy souls made it to the last stop at Tap east -we had to share with guns n’ roses fans there for a gig at London stadium!

enjoying a well earned stop at Redchurch Brewery!

List of Breweries and order we visited below

  East London breweries        
  brewery location web Notes TAP ROOM? OPEN SAT
1 Trumans E3 2NT https://www.trumansbeer.co.uk/about-us/the-brewery/ Taproom at The Plough at Swan Wharf y y
2 Crate E9 5EW https://cratebrewery.com/ taproom PUB NOON
3 Howling hops E9 5EN https://howlinghops.co.uk/ taproom Y NOON
4 Laine E9 7BT https://peoplesparktavern.pub/post/134988484937/brewery PEOPLES PARK TAVERN Y NOON
5 Redchurch E2 9RF https://www.redchurch.beer/ Taproom (experimental brews only made on this site) Y NOON
6 Three sods E2 6NB https://www.threesodsbrewery.com/ Bethnal green social club (cellar bar) CLUB Y
7 Hackney E2 8BB https://www.hackneybrewery.co.uk/   n  
8 Forest road E8 3RL https://www.forestroad.co.uk/ Taproom used to brew in east London now Belgium! y y
9 London fields E8 3RR https://londonfieldsbrewery.co.uk/ taproom    
10 Maregade Brew Co E8 1EJ https://maregade.com/ in cock tavern PUB  
11 40ft E8 3DP https://www.facebook.com/40ftbrewery/ Open sat eve Y 5PM
12 Five points E8 1JE https://fivepointsbrewing.co.uk/beer/ Hackney downs (tap room in July) n n
13 Pressure drop E8 1DU https://pressuredropbrewing.co.uk/   N N
14 Beavertown N17 9QP https://www.beavertownbrewery.co.uk/home/ Tap room on industrial estate Y Y
15 Left bank E17 6BX https://www.leftbankbrewery.co.uk/ Inside Blackhorse workshop n n
16 Pillars E17 9HQ https://www.pillarsbrewery.com/ Real lager   2-11PM
17 Wild card E17 9HQ https://www.wildcardbrewery.co.uk/ Excellent taproom others as well as own brews Y 11AM
18 Brodies E10 6AE https://www.brodiesbeers.com/?page_id=2 Brewpub PUB Y
19 ELB E10 7QB https://www.eastlondonbrewing.com/ Nice beer no taproom N N
20 Signature brew E10 7BT https://www.signaturebrew.co.uk/ Music themed beers Y CLOSED
21 Tap East E20 1EE https://www.tapeast.co.uk/ A brewery in Westfield! PUB 11AM
  Pretty Decent beer E7 9EF https://www.prettydecentbeer.co/ Forest gate – a proportion of every sale goes to organisations supporting sustainable water solutions in the developing world. rare  
  Husk E16 2AA https://www.huskbrewing.com/our-beers Newham! rare N
  One mile end E1 4TP https://onemileend.com/ Pub –was brewed in cellar now in Tottenham PUB 10-30AM


Some pics of ride courtesy of Robin again! Thanks!  https://www.flickr.com/photos/rsstephenson/sets/72157682231080014

Route –see also Robins fly through above