Readout from the October Meeting

Another lively meeting on Monday 27th October in the new, and very comfortable, room in Coffee7.

  • We  agreed in principle to helping Newham Council with cycle related traffic surveys and had three instant volunteers for training.
  • We started by discussing the proposed Quietway proposal from Aldgate to Hainault which would pass across the north of the borough.  We thought this was a good idea in principle.   The question of traffic calming humps excited much interest – see earler post.  The points already made were confirmed by the meeting – see the earlier post of meeting with  Newham Council on 10 October.
  • We looked again at our ward asks.  Most stand the test of a few month’s hindsight and fit in to the basic “vision” of a network of  quietways infilled with permeability.  The ask for Beckton,  which was recently questioned by Councillor Christie, could be clarified.  Its essence is to provide a crossing, and continuity of the cycle track, over the access road to the ASDA car park.  Subsequent to the meeting more detailed suggestions have been put forward for this junction.
  • Bernard set out his vision for a traffic calmed area covering north of the Romford Rd between Forest Gate an Manor Park, which he would like to pursue.  The scheme woul not present an absolute bar to traffic but a “load of bollards” would create an area which deterred through traffic.  The meeting reacted favourably, making the points that any scheme would need to cover the whole area, and be “holistic” in the sense that it incorporated parking, 20 mph limits etc.  A precise plan would assist implemetnation, particularly if it took into account of the ward audit exercise of 400+ minor permeability improvements which was being developed and the Quietway proposal which would affect Capel Rd.  Bernard would welcome future ideas and suggestions.
  • The meeting was reminded of, and discussed, the outstanding consultations on CS2, the Silvertown Tunnel and the Central London east-west and north -south routes.  Please respond individually using the avaialble cycle friendly templates if your wish. Newham Cyclists had participated at the earlier CS2 event in Whitechapel and  it appeared that the market traders were not antipathetic to a better CS2.  No response had been received to the Freedom of Information requests to Newham and TfL concerning the removal of CS2 at Tramway Avenue.  The initial response to Councillor Christie’s invitation to put forward suggestions was that the best solution was to remove the sliproad in favour of a proper junction at West Ham Lane; and, of the less effective alternatives, the best was the wands that were previously there with better signage.  We will pursue this further.
  • Further information would be sought concerning the prolonged closure of CS2 eastbound in Statford Broadway and the closure of the cycle lane in Manby Grove
  • The monthly newsletter for October was well received and we will continue with this format, using the Yahoo Group for rides and urgent news until LCC provided the more flexible functionality.  It was suggested that a “core e-mail group” be compiled for day to day use.  If you are interested on being on this please let me know.
  • We agreed to Bill’s internet banking proposal.
  • Our next meeting will be on Tuesday November 25.  it will be a social occasion with some form of refreshment and take place at the Wanstead Tap in Pevensey Rd.  We will focus our business on next years’ rides, so please come prepared with ideas and rides you would like to see and may be willing to lead.