The Implications of the Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 crisis is a tragedy from which Newham has suffered more than most areas. This tragedy has implications in many areas of life including, as discussed at our annual Meeting, for walking and cycling in the borough.

In the light of this discussion we have sent this submission to Councillor Asser, Cabinet Member for the Environment, Highways & Sustainable Transport. It sets out some actions that could be taken now to facilitate social distancing for those walking and cycling and steps that need to be taken to rebalance priority between motor vehicles and active travel once the lockdown is eased. Many of these demands will be familiar from our previous campaigning.

Also here is a template, which we encourage all those keen to improve active travel in Newham to send to their local councillors. It can be amended to suit precisely what you want to say and can highlight your local bottlenecks.

Keep well everyone,