Mitcham Road Scheme

Here is Newham Cyclists response to a consultation for a scheme at the  East Ham South end of Lonsdale Ave.  It is progressive in incorporating cycle contraflow but disappointing in not extending 20mph to the roads that count.  If you would like details of the scheme please use the contact address on this website.

Thank you for consulting on this proposed scheme.

Newham Cyclists strongly support the use of cycle contraflows as part of this scheme and throughout “urban Newham” to create cycle permeability which will be an essential element of making cycling a viable and enticing form of transport for both everyday and leisure purposes.  We trust this represents a change in policy following earlier decisions rejecting cycle contraflows in similar situations (e.g. Cramner Rd).
We support 20 mph throughout the borough (except for trunk roads) and therefore oppose this particular scheme as the 20 mph is not extended to Sandford Road, Lonsdale Road and High Street South. The absence of a 20 mph limit is inconsistent with the speed reduction measures in Sandford Rd (humps) and Lonsdale Rd (point restrictions).
If this scheme has not been made the subject of a TfL standard cycle level of service assessment (CLOS) we urge this to be done and for it to be reconsidered if it achieves a score of less than 40.
A copy of this e-mail goes to Councillor Peppiatt, Councillor Masters, Councillor Shah of East Ham South Ward and Councillor Christie”