September 2016 Meeting

September Meeting of Newham Cyclists 26/09/16 at Coffee7. Items discussed included LCC funding, “Bike from Boleyn”, Stratford Gyratory, LCC AGM, WebsitePresent:  Steve Smith (SS), Nigel King (NK), Peter Chauncy (PC), Emma Harper (EH), Lisa Eller (LE), Kerena Fussell (KF), Olawale Ajibola (OA), Bill Bremner (BB)

Apologies: Chris K, Arnold R

1. Request from LCC to return £750  reserves-letter-to-lcc-groups-july2016-newham-1

Liabilities – Current budget for 2016/17 = £1003

Assets – Bank £900 + Grant £241* + Ride London £100* = £1241 (*approximate and not yet received)


  • To forego the grant £241*
  • To discuss ideas for fundraising and development at the November social

 2. Bike from Boleyn

First ride planned for 22 October

Details still to be confirmed

  • Exact route
  • Bike security for loaned cycles
  • Alcohol policy
  • Number of participants

 3. Stratford Gyratory Proposals – request for support from LBN

Public Consultation process delayed until October

Olawale has drafted a response, detailing pros and cons.  He will discuss with the officer at LBN how to support without losing our concern over the ‘cons’.

 4.  LCC AGM 15/10/16

Request for highlights from the NC group. Suggestions included

  • Freecycle
  • Ride programme
  • Forest Gate Festival
  • Infrastructure Review Group
  • Other suggestions welcome

 5. Tavistock Place Consultation

This cycle route in LB Camden under threat with LTDA campaigning for the removal of the much used cycle lane.  Members are requested to add their support and spread the word!

6. Website

Peter & Thom have been in discussions with Rob to take over the hosting of the website.  They are now just about ready to transfer and the next meeting will involve a review/discussion of what sort of content the new site should have, including profiles etc.

7. Cleanspace Tags for measuring pollution

The Cleanspace app allows you to measure the pollution on different stages of your commute and to track your ‘clean miles’ whilst walking or cycling.  LCC members can apply for a ‘tag’ which enhances the readings.

 8. Million Miles Together

NC have registered a team for this – Steve is our team leader.  Sign up here and search for the ‘Newham Cyclists’ team.

9. Linking with WI for Rides

KF to meet with WI to discuss how this might work


  • OA asked that we look out for any instances where filters/gates have been compromised, allowing vehicular traffic through were it shouldn’t be – he gave us an example of Farthingale Walk in Stratford.  Please take photos and send to Olawale if you see incidences of this.
  • OA told us that some of the QW6 upgrades may be delayed due to Crossrail works.  The Crossrail improvements may also be delayed and there are some concerns over increased freight traffic in the area.
  • OA has ridden the Tower Hamlets section of the proposed QW6 – apparently a lot of work is required on this!
  • OA reported that Tower Hamlets Wheelers (THW) are organising a post-implementation audit of the CS2 ‘upgrade’ from Bow to Aldgate.  They would welcome input from any regular users of this route.