Infrastructure Update

We have had a couple of fruitful meetings with Newham Officers recently. A general review of developments with the Sustainable Transport Officer and a meeting with the officer responsible for the design of the Stratford Gyratory.These and other sources of information have informed the ongoing record of local cycling issues – for those who would like to drill down into the detail.  Anyone looking at this who needs further information or explanation is welcome to contact me direct; or indeed if you think there is something not covered which should be.

The headlines in respect of big ticket and imminent issues are:

  • Stratford Gyratory plans evolving in a positive fashion.  They need some more traffic modelling and once that has been done are likely to be put out to extensive consultation in the autumn.  We are likely to recommend support and ask for individual responses.
  • Some elements of Quietway 6 across the north of the borough linking us with Victoria Park in the west and Fairlop Water in the East are in place or have received approval.  The key main junctions are yet to be built but greatly improved designs are in the gestation stage.
  • The Greenway Quietway 2.1 involves improved lighting and opening hours and, ultimately some more ramps. This is another positive story at the moment as the tortuous process of getting good design and the funding is coming together.
  • Whilst sounding rather boring the Newham Cycle Strategy is very important as it it help to ensure that cycling issues are taken into account in other transport and development policies by identifying in a very concrete fashion deficiencies in cycle provision and what remedial action is needed.  this is at its final stages of preparation and is likely to be subject to consultation in the autumn.