Readout from Annual Meeting of 30 April 2024

A pleasing and convivial turnout at Canning Town Library, a new venue for us.

We were entertained by  Shameem and Nasim from Cycle Sisters, an award-winning charity which inspires and enables Muslim women to cycle, who gave an inspirational talk on their cycling journey.

We elected the following officers:

·      Co-ordinator: Jonathan Rothwell

·       Treasurer: Bill Bremner

·       Secretary: vacant (role to be fulfilled by Co-ordinator
and others on the committee)

·       Deputy co-ordinator (with outreach portfolio): Karen Flanagan

·       Rides co-ordinator: Steve Smith

·       Infrastructure lead: Chris Kershaw

·       Olympic Park rep: vacant, potentially to merge into new
infrastructure working group

·       Community Infrastructure (Fund) rep: vacant,
potentially to merge into new infrastructure working group

·      Deputy Treasurer: vacant.

We approved the annual accounts for 2023 – 24 and the budget for 2024 -25 presented by the Treasurer.

We noted the Annual report for 2023 -24.

Our business included lively conversation local cycling issues, including the need to leverage benefits for active travel from the plethora of major developments in the pipeline, progress on the Romford Road Active Travel Scheme, improving our outreach across the whole of Newham, extending our partnerships, and a variety of forthcoming events – the Newham Green Fair, rides based on Lea Valley Nature Reserves and Essex Country Lanes, our participation in the London Freecycle and support for the children’s cycling club at Ambition, Aspire, Achieve.

Readout from 29 January Meeting

Our Ride Programme is now listed on this website and on LCC website.

In accordance with LCC changes to rides limited to 15, which is plenty for our local rides, there is a new  risk assessment template which requires both a leader and a backmarker to be named. We will indicate in advance that there is a maximum of 15 and first 15 who have signed in will be guaranteed a place.  Larger rides over 15 require the risk as assessment to be signed off by LCC Office.

Our next ride is the Women’s Freedom Ride feeder on 3 March for which marshals needed.

We are running a ride for the children of the Ambition, Aspire, Achieve children’s cycle clubs on 24 February.  At the moment there are not enough volunteers to run bike maintenance sessions for these clubs.  If you would be interested (weekends or weekdays) please contact Arnold

We anticipate running a Bike from Boleyn Ride in April/May

Fix your Ride will start again on March 9.

We agreed to participate in Green Fair run by Sustainable Newham in West Ham Park on 6 May and will look to provide some bike maintenance and outreach/information.

In respect of the Newham Cyclists bank accounts we are in the process of changing the signatories to reflect the current Committee.

In respect of Community/Public Engagement, there are 358  people connected to Newham Cyclists, either as LCC members in Newham, or via the mailing list or both, but 223 people on the mailing list. Karen will ask LCC to email the 125 members who do not receive our newsletter, and ask if they want to sign up.

She will also laminate a newsletter QR code so that people at Fix Your Ride and other events can scan if they wish to sign up.

There will be a separate meeting (1 hour, virtual) to discuss strategy for increasing and diversifying membership.  Anyone  I would like to participate should contact Karen who would also welcome contributions for a forthcoming planned newsletter


  • Olawale met Newham Council’s Romford Road Active Travel Scheme team in January. The only new development was on the stretching of the phases of development, with separate sections within each phase.  The next section in planning will be the south side of Romford Rd between Dershingham Ave and Fifth Ave.  This will be considered by the Council Cabinet on 5 Feb. 

    Implementation of the scheme and opening sections, including public engagement events,  has been slow and there are issues such as puddling on some of the sections built.  However the Council has a good project engineer and an experienced project manager has recently been appointed.  There remains issues TFL and the omission of major junctions.  Olawale invited comments and suggestions for consideration be the Committee.
  • Newham council are promoting a cycle route via Osborne and Hampton Rds – running parallel to the Romford Rd –  by stencils on road and minimal signage.  At the moment it is considered unsuitable s and it was agreed that we should ensure that this was not an alternative to improving the Romford Rd.  Both routes need to be safe.
  • Council proposing making existing bus lanes 24/7 on New Plaistow Rd-Plaistow Rd-West Ham Lane. It is encouraging that there is acceptance that the bus lanes should be 24 7 given the reluctance of TfL to follow their own policy at the awful Greengate St/Barking Rd junction and Prince Regent bus priority schemes.  However there should be continuous bus lanes on both sides of these roads as they are part of  Cycle Future Route 7.  This is especially important especially between Plaistow Station and Barking Rd. 
  • The proposals contained in Traffic Orders for the Beckton Walking and Cycling Scheme – essentially Tollgate Rd and south part of Woolwich Manor Rd look good but don’t cover the whole of Tollgate Rd and do not address the linking A13 and Tollgate Rd. Newham Cyclists responded to these proposals in 2022 and there will be a supportive response to the Traffic orders. 
  • Councillor Tripp looking for comments on transport side of the proposal for use of the Capel Rd Changing Rooms especially in light of reopening car park, which could impact on Cycleway 16.  Comments can be offered direct to her via Kerena.
  • East Village Connections proposals are going to consultation next month. The main features are 2 way cycle tracks on Celebration Ave and Penny Brookes St and improvement of Liberty Bridge Rd.  These proposals link to the northern section of Cycle Future Route 7.  Issues include: International Way being descoped for present due to development and no space for segregated tracks on Liberty Bridge itself.  A bus gate or bringing this within the existing school street  are potential alleviating measures –  the former by preference.
  • Work on the excellent   Westfield Ave scheme has started.
  • Work on Honourlea Ave mostly complete and funding is now available for the long awaited drop kerb and parallel crossing suitable to facilitate cycling into the park area. to facilitate crossing into park at west end for parallel crossing.
  • TfL are to consult on changes to the Lower Lea Crossing.  The proposals look very cumbersome and scanty given the pressure to come (and the finance available from) the Silvertown Tunnel.   Any suggestions on what is needed in this area can be made to Jonathan.
  • Planning permission has been granted for the Crown Wharf development without taking on board Newham Cyclists suggestions for a pontoon path under A13 to link to CS3.

Any Other Business

  • It is proposed to hold the AGM on 22 or 29 April.  All posts are up for re-election. 
  • The LCC Local Group Forum link includes notes on the LCC strategy plan for the forthcoming mayoral election.
  • A Cargo Bike celebration event on 28 January 2024 was a timely  demonstration of parking for cargo bikes and adapted bikes.  It would be good for Newham Council to promote this type of facility  forward, consistent with its active travel, health and climate change policies.

Next meeting 26 February.

Readout from 27 November 2023 Meeting

Ted Maxwell, representing the informal group Save Our Safer Streets, spoke about the removal of the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Tower Hamlets even after being made permanent. The meeting was supportive of the campaign. Ted outlined ways in which Newham Cyclists could provide practical asistance .

There has been one Newham Ride since the last meeting, on 12th November 2023. Next ride is the Christmas Lights Ride on 10 December 2023. There was discussion on improving the link with the LCC website and providing a GPS link of our rides.

The ride for the Ambition, Aspire, Achieve (AAA) children’s club proposed for 2 December 2023 will not go ahead because AAA are engaged with their toy delivery then. A new calendar will be put together for maintenance and rides in the New Year.

Fix Your Ride (FYR) has now finished for 2023. It will start again in 2024.

On infrastructure:

  • The opening of phase #1 of the Romford Road Active Travel Scheme (RRATS) scheme will happen when the Council is satisfied with the safety. The regular NC dialogue (which is good on this particular project) will continue. There will be a further liaison meeting in December 2023 when there should be information on Phase #2. Public engagement events are planned by the Council for December 2023.
  • Implementation of the borough-wide 20mph speed limit will be implemented in #4 Phases , northern part of the borough to the southern part. The traffic order for Phase #1 has been published. Liaison will continue with the organisation 20 is Plenty and other interested organisation in case of problems in implementation and to ensure enforcement.
  • A response has been submitted to the Bromley-by Bow Gasworks (BBBG) planning application raising the fact that some of the critical roads for local Active Travel connectivity are currently designated as “private roads” i.e. not adopted or controlled by LB Newham so don’t .
  • The Mayor of London (MoL) has rejected the planning application for the MSG Sphere (to be located next to Stratford railway station), to which Newham Cyclists had objected.
  • LB Newham Liveable Neighbourhoods team have proposals for complementary measures for Low Traffic Neighbourhood/LTN 2 (Odessa) includes proposals for complimentary measures. The exact nature of these are not clear from the Council’s website.

There was feedback from the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) Campaigning Summit. A key message was that campaigning by ‘personal witness’ stories was more effective that reliance on ‘dry data’ (to promote and support cycling). There were also tips on improving outreach through partner organisations and cycle shops. A strategy could usefully include means to attract younger activists. A consolidation of mailing lists increased the numbers by 10%. The suggestion of a separate meeting of the interested to develop an outreach strategy was favourably received.

Other business:

  • London Cycling Campaign (LCC) Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday, 6th of December 2023.
  • Voting ends on 29 November for the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) Board of Trustees interest/Board elections 2023.
  • The Newham Cyclists Christmas Social is scheduled 11 December 2023 at the Boleyn Tavern. For those wanting the Christmas menu the choice of dishes needs to be given to Arnold by 3 December.
  • The suggestion to look into the activities of the Safer Transport Team of Newham Police command, if it exists, will be looked into.

Readout from 25 September 2023 Meeting

Newham Cyclists are now using the registration facility for our social cycle rides on the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) website.

The next social cycle ride will be the Bike from Boleyn Ride on Sunday 8th of October 2023 from the ‘Champions Statue’ (opposite the Boleyn Tavern) to the London Stadium to coincide with the West Ham United FC (WHUFC) home English Premier League(EPL) match. If you are available to marshal please contact Arnold.

NC are putting together an autumn programme of maintenance and a ride for the children’s cycle club at the charity Ambition, Aspire, Achieve (AAA) with whom we have been partnering with for some years.

The NC September 2023 cycle maintenance event Fix Your Ride (FYR) stall was not as busy as the previous month but there were nevertheless generous donations.

NC have had regular monthly meetings with the LB Newham council team working on the Romford Road Active Travel Scheme (RRATS) improvements. At the September 2023 meeting it was stated that the completion of phase 1 has been pushed back to December this year (2023) and phase 2 (at the Ilford end of the scheme) will not now start until the New Year (2024). A current project recurring ‘issue’ has been the need to secure approvals from the Transport of London (TfL) bus team with regards to the existing bus service enabling infrastructure on Romford
Road, but LB Newham plan to seek approval for the whole RRATS project from TfL by July 2024.

The LB Newham RRATS team are planning a further public engagement event next month (October 2023). A very important point was made at the meeting which was that what had been constructed/installed and planned so far was good, but there needed to be more publicity and explanations of the overall plans to provide reassurance and continuing support for the project and final aims. Delays on the implementation of RRATS caused by TfL ‘issues’ were a concern and if this jeopardised the current scheme (for which time limited central government funding is at stake) then an earlier Newham council plan based on making existing Romford Road bus lanes 24 hour operational and and existing cycle lanes mandatory could be deployed. It will be useful to engage with London Cycling Campaign (LCC) HQ on these issues.

There was a NC Catch Up meeting with Richard Wadey (the new LB Newham Head of Transport Policies and Programmes) on the Tuesday, 8th of August 2023.

The Catch-Up meeting discussion centred around the financing of LB Newham’s sustainable transport developments for which there was £5m from the capital budget for the 2023/24 financial year. Highlights of the Catch Up meeting were :

1 A LB Newham borough-wide 20mph speed limit on borough adopted roads had been approved by the LB Newham cabinet on the 5th of September 2023.

2. A programme of installing bike hangers (aka on-street secure cycle parking
storage units) was progressing. The council wanted these storage units spread across the whole borough.

3. 4 more Healthy School Streets (HSS) were proceeding taking the total up to 25 (out of a possible 84 borough schemes).

5. Consultation was proceeding on the TfL Cycle Future Route (CFR7) [Leytonstone to Stratford section] – a high cycleway quality scheme. However there were no plans announced for the section of CFR7 from Stratford Town Centre southwards towards Plaistow and Barking Road A124 along the current A112 alignment.

6. Early work had started on the proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN 8) area scheme (south of the Romford Road A118 alignment). NC plan to accompany council officials on a planned audit ride on 26th of September 2023.

7. Work was under way on improvements to the environment within existing LTNs with regards to new Public Realm schemes around the filter location areas.

8. No further progress to report on the proposed LTNs 5 (Woodgrange) and 6
(Capel). The sense of the meeting was concern at the lack of progress given the
money already spent and allocated to these schemes in the near future. If the
problem was primarily with proposed LTN 5 scheme then the council should be
urged to implement the LTN 6 scheme separately where their seems to be better
political and general support for implementation. The closure of Balmoral Bridge to ‘cut through’ or ‘rat running’ motor traffic (including from residents of LTN 5) would be a ‘step change’ improvement.

Other infrastructure news:

There are tours of the proposed development at the Bromley by Bow Gasworks
(BBBG) mentioned and continuing engagement on the development’s Active Travel modes intention and provision.

NC have been active in consultation response on the Beckton Riverside proposals. These include much needed improvements to Tollgate Road and Woolwich Manor Way for Active Travel modes. We were pressing for Active Travel mode facility improvements within the development area itself.

NC have submitted a highly critical response to the Silvertown Tunnel Active Travel proposals.


The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) Volunteers and Campaigning Summit will take place on Saturday, 18th of November 2023. We discussed the NC Social Media strategy. It needs to become more active and be aligned with that of the LCC itself.

improvements within the development area itself. NC have submitted a highly critical response to the Silvertown Tunnel Active Travel proposals.


The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) Volunteers and Campaigning Summit will take place on Saturday, 18th of November 2023.

We discussed the NC Social Media strategy. It needs to become more active and be aligned with that of the LCC itself.

Readout from 31 July 2023 Meeting

The rain relented to allow a short ride to look at the first short section of the north Woolwich Rd upgrade. It is promising. At the meeting which followed:

  • Bill Bremner was elected as Interim Treasurer.
  • The Fix Your Ride at Forest Gate Festival on 8 July was very successful in terms of number of bikes looked at and donations to the group (in excess of £110). Our next Fix Your Ride session in Woodgrange Market will be 12 August.
  • We marshalled the Kidicle Mass Ride based on the QEOP and Stratford Town Centre on 22 July. It was great fun and established some useful contacts amongst the 25 or so participants. Our next rides are – Greensted (10 September), a Brewery Ride 16 September – this may be proceeded by assisting Woodcraft start their Lea Valley Ride) and Rainham Marsh (24 September). Details to be confirmed on our website.
  • We had not yet received any payment for marshalling the feeder ride from Stratford to the Freecycle Ride.
  • The website update is proceeding with new frontpage giving information about the group which will allow better links. We are considering how to make best use of our various means of communication, in particular the LCC mailing list and our own discussion Group.Io. We are seeking to make the website more robust by paying for hosting and looking into updating our branding.
  • Consultations:

    McGrath Rd Bridge was left to individual responses. it looked OK.

    Express Bus Superloop has few implications for cycling.

    The Silvertown Tunnel Active Travel Bus will have an official Newham Cyclists response. The discussion pointed to this being a fundamentally unserious provision to alleviate the many problems arising from the Silvertown Tunnel. We will liaise with Greenwich Cyclists and prepare some campaigning material.

    The consultation in respect of the Jupp Rd Bridge widening will have an official Newham Cyclists Response.

    A major planning application on land adjacent to North Woolwich Station is an opportunity to press for funding to improve retrospectively TfL’ s recent poor project for the Pier Rd approach to the Woolwich Ferry.

    We attended a workshop in respect of a possible Low Traffic Neighbourhood between West Ham Park and the Romford Rd. The general response was encouraging.
  • We have asked for reinstatement of the monthly meetings with Newham Council on the project to upgrade the Romford Rd and also to resume the catch up meetings following changes in Council officers.
  • The mood music for proceeding with the proposed high quality Westfield Avenue (retroactive) upgrade is good
  • There will be no meeting in August and we will confirm the arrangements for a meeting in September as we are examining alternatives to the regular last Monday of the month.

Readout from meeting of 26 June 2023

Following a pleasant and instructive ride around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park we held a brisk meeting and discussed the following.

  • Fix Your Ride has been busy at Woodgrange Market and will be held as part of the Forest Gate Festival on July 8th.  This  will be busy so volunteers as fixers or simply to discuss cycling in Newham with festival goers welcome.
  • The Freecycle feeder rides from and back to Stratford was well attended and successful.  Our feedback has  been given to LCC HQ.
  • The Brewery Ride due on 1 July has been postponed to 16 September.
  • We are planning to support a Kidicle Mass ride, likely to be 22 or 23 July.
  • 16 July a number of us are planning to participate in the London to Southend Ride.
  • On 12 August Bexley Cyclist are organising a Family Cycle Fun day in Greenwich Park and welcome visitors.  We will consider if a feeder ride is feasible.
  • The refreshment and modernisation of our website is underway and work will continue in liaison with LCC.
  • A local charity, the Renewal Programme, based at High Street North Manor Park, has bought a couple of electric cargo bikes in order to collect food for its foodbank. It is seeking volunteers for this project.  This is the role description.  

As usual a lot going on in respect of infrastructure

  • We have submitted objections to the formal planning application for Crown Wharf.
  • We have written to the Council urging progress on LTN’s 5 and 6 (Woodgrange and Capel) given that funding for this features in the Council’s capital spending list.
  • We have been pursuing with the Council instances where road works have involved unnecessary blockage of cycling and walking.  There is a need to keep up pressure on the Council and its contractors.
  • Our FOIA request has revealed that the appalling bus priority scheme for Prince Regent Lane was undertaken without reference to the Cycling Level of Service tool in LTN 1/20, contrary to TfL’s and Newham’s own best-practice standards. The excuse given was that the preliminary design for the scheme was undertaken prior to 2018/2019, but this does not hold water: if the scheme does not meet modern standards, it should not have been funded and built in 2023 as a “Healthy Streets” scheme and should’ve been redesigned. We are considering with LCC HQ how to bring pressure to prevent TfL causing detriment to cycling through motor traffic capacity schemes masquerading as “bus priority.”
  • TfL has been adding route signage to the Newham portion of Cycleway 16. We have objected to this route in the past due to junctions that range from substandard and confusing to outright dangerous, including the infamous Temple Mills Lane bus bridge. We are pleased to hear that Newham Council understands these deficiencies and is proceeding with design work to look at longer-term fixes, but our view remains that this route should not be marketed as a Cycleway in its current state and risks damaging the brand. TfL’s own Cycleway route assessment for C16 (which we have obtained via FOIA) appears to be little more than a tick-box exercise that outright ignores many of the key issues on the route.

As always, do get in touch if you would like further information on any of the matters mentioned here.

Readout from Annual Meeting 24 April 2023

The meeting was held at the AAA ARC in Plaistow (“in-person” format)and via Zoom (“virtual format”).

Many thanks to Arnold, Jonathan and Bill for getting the Zoom set-up done.

The readout from the last Newham Cyclists Annual Meeting (27 June 2022) meeting was agreed, as were the NC Accounts for 2022-23, and the NC Budget for 2023-24 (including a sum for website hosting) after a good discussion and deliberation session on these financial documents.

We decided that we would ask for the annual LCC Grant but deferred on the question whether we would donate any payment for running the Freecycle feeder back to LCC.

Bill Bremner and Thom Sanders were thanked for their work as Treasurer/Deputy Treasurer and their particular work on producing the NC financial statements/documents on time.

The following Officers/NC Committee members were elected having been duly nominated and seconded:

  • NC Co-ordintor: Olawale Ajibola,
  • NC Deputy Co-ordinator and Olympic Park Representative: Jonathan Rothwell,
  • NC Secretary: vacant,
  • NC Treasurer: Thom Sanders,
  • NC Deputy Treasurer: Bill Bremner,
  • NC Rides Co-ordinator: Steve Smith,
  • NC Infrastructure Representative: Chris Kershaw,
  • Communications and Outreach Co-ordinator: Karen Flanagan,
  • NC Community Infrastructure (Fund) lead: vacant.

On stepping down from the NC committee (i.e. Better Streets for Newham liason post), Karena was thanked for her work for Newham Cyclists over the years.

The following “Any Other Business” items were raised:

  • We agreed to look further into providing teaching on bike maintenance to the AAA children’s cycle club and a Fix Your Ride stall to the local Community at the ARC. If you would like to participate please get in touch.
  • We have committed to provide a feeder ride to the Freecycle on 28 May. Before then there are many opportunities for training as a marshal. If you are interested in training please get in touch.
  • We agreed to support (but not run) a Kidicle Mass event in the QEOP on 2 July.
  • We agreed to participate in a forthcoming podcast on the QEOP.
  • We agreed a system of rotating chairs for future meetings.
  • Our next meeting will be Monday 26 June 2023 and potentially include an evening ride (weather permitting).
  • We will publicise this and provide other publicity material at the Forest Lane Park Green Fair in Forest Gate on 1 May.
  • We established a working group to refresh the website.


Readout from Meeting of 27 March 2023

We were pleased to have Susanne Rauprich, independent chair of One Newham, as our guest. She outlined the creation and role of Sustainable Newham and the Green Fair scheduled for 1 May. We will be running a stall at that event. If you have not already volunteered and wish to participate get in touch with me.

Out ride calendar is getting into swing. There has been one local Newham Ride and there is coming up an Essex Lanes ride on 23 April and a Nature Reserves of the River Lea Ride on 14 May. The Newham Ride of 16 July has been cancelled as that is the day of the London to Southend Ride organised by Bike Events.

Our partnership with AAA is also now in full swing with another ride forthe children’s cycle club scheduled for 29 April. Again if you would like to help marshal the ride or with maintenance of the bikes and have not already volunteered please get in touch.

Out Fix Your Ride programme continued at Woodgrange Market in March. It has been going now for 5 years and is self sustaining from donations. we shall be buying some new kit; so if you have any suggestions for what is needed let us know.

The discussion extended to how we might increase our outreach throughout the borough using the Fix Your Ride model. There was support for this and various locations were suggested. Maryland is high on the list of practical priorities. However, elsewhere we do need an invite (e.g. from local councillors) to ensure a suitable space is officially available.

On infrastructure: (a) there was strong attendance at the initial phase 2 Romford Rd workshop. There will be a formal response from Newham Cyclists but individual comments should also be make on the Newham Co-create site before 16 April. (b) There was discussion on next steps in the light of the extremely poor TfL sponsored scheme for bus priority along Prince Regent Lane. (c) we are participating in the workshops developing a scheme for Beckton Riverside. (d) we are in touch with the developers of the Bow Gaswork Site and have recently given them feedback on their initial plan.

We need a volunteer to liaise with LCC Headquarters in respect of its Pathways Programme to support local groups and its active member survey. If you would be able to undertake this role please get in touch.

We agreed to set up a database of ongoing consultations and to have this as a rolling item on the agenda of future meetings.

We will hold our Annual Meeting on 24 April 2023 at the Terence Brown Arc. full agenda and documents to follow. We are aiming to have a Zoom facility available as an alternative to presence. If you wish to stand for office if would be helpful if you could give advance notice if you have not already done so.

If you would like further information on any of these items please get in touch.


Readout from Meeting of 27 February 2023

There is a lot going on. Not least, that our meeting coincided with a Council meeting which voted a significant sum over the next years towards sustainable transport. This is good news.

Eilidh Murray, Chair of the Board of Trustees of LCC and our link Trustee gave a presentation on the role of Trustees and the “Pathways” which provide a framework for LCC relations with each borough group. She also gave a shoutout for the Women’s Freedom Ride this Sunday to which we are providing feeder ride from, and back to, the View Tube.

There is a ride calendar now set up. The next rides are the feeder ride to the Women’s Freedom Ride in Central London (5 March) and a Discover Newham Ride the following Sunday (12 March).

We did another bike maintenance session for the childrens cycle club of the charity Ambition, Aspire, Achieve on 22 February and took a group of 10 children on a ride using the Greenway and QEOP on 25 February. we shall be continuing our maintenance and ride activities. If you are interested in participating in either let us know and you can be included in the correspondence to find suitable dates.

Fix Your Ride resumes on 11 March at Woodgrange Market. Again let us know if you have not been previously involved but would like to be. We need people who are happy to organise the work and chat with interested market goers as well as those able to carry out simple repairs.

An update was provided on progress towards Low Traffic Neighbourhoods 5 (Woodgrange) and 6 (Capel) and urged all those who had not put in a personal response to the consultation to do so before the revised deadline of 5 March.

There was a report on the meeting that had taken place with Councillor Asser on 15 February in response to our letter to the Mayor reinforcing the importance of a sustainable transport budget. Now agreed, this will greatly assist in securing and implementing vital infrastructure like LTNs, the Romford Rd improvement and bike hangers.

There was a perception that there was now a greater appetite within the Council to secure planning gain for active travel – a point on which we have been campaigning for some time. ther is still lots to play for – like the massive proposed dockside development at Silvertown.

A document for collecting information on Climate Safe Street Reports will be circulated generally in order for us to be able to collate a response to LCC by the deadline of 13 March.

We attended the inaugural meeting of Sustainable Newham on 16 February. We will be seeking to provide a Fix Your Ride Stall at the Green Fair that will take place on 1 May in Forest Gate. If you can help let me know.

We discussed how we might handle our social media. More volunteers still needed in order to spread the load.

By way of other Business our attention was drawn to Kidicle Mass which is planning action days over Europe in May and September – including London on 15 May. That organisation will be seeking volunteer marshals.

And finally…we are taking action in respect of BT stations which are being placed in such a way as to block pavements.

For more information on any of the above matters please get in touch.

Next meeting 27 March, details to be confirmed.